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About Us

Hicycle Motor Manufacturing has purchased the electric motor manufacturing and repair division of W.J. Dufresne Co.. With over 35 years of proven performance and reliability, we look forward to many more.

At Hicycle we make water cooled, 400Hz motors from 4HP - 25HP with a 40HP motor in development.  Several winding configurations are available to match HP needs to RPM requirements (ex. 4-pole - 6pole - 8pole). Some air cooled motors are also available.

Motor controls (switch box) are available with up to 4-trip positions (i.e. 5HP - 7 1/2HP - 20HP - 25HP).  Overload protection is electronic so it is not heat affected like breakers.  We can help you locate the correct cords and plug-ins for your system.

Several Manufacturers make Hicycle saws and we can help you contact them.  We can also build adapters for special applications.

At Hicycle we repair all of our motors and switch boxes plus most other brands of 400Hz motors as well.  We have a limited inventory of older motors and gears.